Are real estate commissions negotiable?

This question “are real estate commissions negotiable?” or “will you reduce your commission?” inevitably come up. Let’s face it, selling or buying a home is not cheap, but we all want to save where we can. So, it’s a normal question. Some agents get upset when asked and they shouldn’t. It’s a fair question. The answer is not as simple as it would appear. Read on and be sure to send me your comments! All feedback is always appreciated!

Boulder Area Real Estate Market Report – June 2019

What’s Happening in Boulder Real Estate? As we head toward Summer and Boulderites begin to plan Summer adventures, real estate is expected to slow somewhat in the months ahead. This is typical of the season. Recently, we’ve been noticing more price adjustments than before. This is usually an indication of market stabilization – while sellers continue to expect higher prices, buyers are starting to …

Estate Planning for Your Real Estate

PROTECTING YOUR REAL ESTATE: 5 Reasons Why Adding Your Kids to Your Title is not the Answer

Our homes are often our most valuable asset, especially in a market like Boulder. Real property has special considerations in our estate planning.

It is a common misconception that jointly titling real property will avoid probate. In reality, it only delays probate until the second spouse dies.

Should you put your kids on title to skip probate? Probably not; there are many dangers to using joint tenancy as your only estate planning tool.

Focus on Gunbarrel

Gunbarrel offers a unique and delightful setting surrounded by bucolic farms, with friendly neighbors, fantastic mountain views, and a vibrant shopping/dining area. With several breweries, including the famous Avery, great restaurants like The Morning Table and The Element. All the conveniences plus running/biking trails that connect our neighborhoods. Not to mention, for those who enjoy golf, tennis, pool and a first-class fitness center- Boulder Country Club. All in all, Gunbarrel,is a (relatively) hidden gem!

Focus on Louisville, Colorado

Louisville is a vibrant, active community in Boulder County with approx 18,000 residents. With a rich history of mining and Italian settlers, it now is a fantastic suburban community with a terrific downtown with great restaurants – two of my favorites being LuLu’s BBQ (which rates 4.5 stars with over 700 reviews on Googles) and Basuba (Thai that nets 4.7 stars and over 900 reviews), lots of activities (more on that below) and a friendly community that makes it quickly feel like home.


There are at least a few opinions on what happens in any real estate market. Some is sheer speculation, and some is grounded in hard data and intimate knowledge of the local market. We intend to bring you the most honest possible assessment of the Boulder County market and welcome your feedback and questions anytime. Read on…