Why Do Appraisals Matter When Selling a House?

Home Appraisal

Set your asking price too high and your home may sit on the market with little interest. Set the asking price too low and you risk losing money on your investment during the sale. An appraisal can help you balance the line and set the right asking price, but let’s take a closer look at … Continued

How to Buy a House with a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Commission

You wouldn’t consider having a major surgical procedure without consulting a qualified medical professional. Why would you risk one of the most important investment decisions of your lifetime by not having a real estate agent on your side? The home buying process is an exciting one but moving forward without a real estate agent can … Continued

Why Should I Hire a Buyer Agent?

buying a home real estate agent and couple

Buying a home is a big decision that can come with unnecessary stress if you don’t have the right information. It’s common to wonder if you’re getting the best deal on the home or if the location is suitable for your needs. 🙋‍♂️ Why do I need a buyer’s agent? Understanding that these concerns are … Continued

Best Restaurants in Boulder

burger and fries

Whether you’re looking for a casual, quick breakfast on the way to work in the morning or a leisurely lunch with friends on the weekend, there are plenty of choices in Boulder. We’ve chosen some of the highest rates restaurants on Yelp and compiled this list of the best restaurants in Boulder for you. 🍳 … Continued