Located in Boulder County, Niwot is a community that is home to approximately 4,600 Colorado residents. While this community is well established it’s not considered an official town or city. Instead, it’s known as a census-designated place. However, you’ll find that small-town feeling alive and well in this area.

History of Niwot

The community is named in honor of the Arapaho leader known as Chief Niwot. Niwot also means left-handed in the Arapaho language.

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The area known as Niwot became a stopping point for the railroad between Boulder and Longmont in 1873. Throughout time, this area was well-known for its agricultural importance.

Niwot Homes for Sale

Niwot Today

You won’t find trains coming through Niwot today, but you’ll still find the spirit of those times is prevalent when you visit. The Left Hand Grange No. 9, once focused on farming, is the oldest in the state.

Niwot seems to draw those who are artistically gifted and has a community full of talented individuals that support the growth of the area and keep things interesting. The small shops along the main street provide a vintage feel that is completely charming.

If you’re looking for a close-knit community where people pull together and nurture strong neighborhood bonds, you’ll want to check out Niwot. With an atmosphere that is just as inviting to those who enjoy rural living as it is to those who prefer a more urban environment, Niwot has something for everyone.

Niwot Schools

Students in this area are served by the St. Vrain Valley School District. St. Vrain School District enrolls approximately 32,000 students annually and is comprised of 24 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 7 high schools.

St. Vrain School District schools that enroll students in the Niwot area include Niwot Elementary School, Sunset Middle School, and Niwot High School.

Niwot Weather

The average high temperature is 85 degrees in August. The average low temperature is 21 degrees in January.

Be sure to grab your umbrella in April and May for the 2.8 inches of rainfall received each month. The overall average rainfall for this area is 20.66 inches annually.

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The city of Boulder and the surrounding communities like Niwot may just be the most beautiful places to live if you enjoy snowfall. They get an average of 89 inches of snow annually.

Niwot Real Estate

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While the median home value does fluctuate from month to month due to the current market trends, the most recent census records a median home value of $626,600 for this area. This amount is higher than the $391,000 noted for Boulder County during this same census period.

How much is my home worth?

It’s recorded that 81.7 percent of residential properties in Niwot are owned by someone living in the home.


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