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Looking back on Boulder’s 2018 real estate market

2018 was a good year.  Depending on whether you’re a seller it could be classified as not as good as prior years or … as a buyer, thank goodness the appreciation train has slowed down to a more reasonable rate!

While the number of sales are down by a small 2% margin (or 35 fewer home sales) to 1616 homes sold, this can be mostly attributable to fewer homes being listed for sale (2263 new listings, down 2.8% from 2017).

The average sales price is up 11% to $888,194.  The median sales price is $715,000 up by 6.4%. FYI, this includes affordable housing sales and everything in between.  And, more houses over $2 million sold in 2018 than ever before.

Days on market is down 12%  All of this points to a very strong market, even with other markets nearby and nationally starting to cool off.

Homes Sold1,616-2.1%
Sales Price Avg$888,194+6.4%
Sales Price Med$715,000+11.4%
Days On Market43-12.2%

Seller’s market or buyer’s market?

3 months of inventory or less = sellers’ market

6 months of inventory or more = buyers’ market

Between 3-6 months of inventory = balanced market

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