Typically people wait until Spring to list their home … it’s a common misconception that it’s the best time. It isn’t necessarily. So, here are 7 reasons why you may not want to wait.

Home buyers that are looking for a home during the Winter season are serious buyers.  

While you won’t have as many showings – think tire-kickers, those who are looking in case they find the “perfect” home – the showings you have will be of qualified, motivated, ready-to-purchase-now buyers

You won’t have as much competition.  

Most sellers think waiting for Spring and Summer is the ideal time to list.  Therefore there will be many homes coming on the market in the Spring and Summer and your home will be competing with them for the best buyers.

There are buyers who have been looking for a while now and have missed out on homes in multiple offers.  

Those buyers are ready-to-buy-now and will not hesitate to bring their best game to your listing

Step up the emotional appeal of your home – t’is the season!

When prospective buyers walk in and see your gas fireplace warm and inviting it will make them want to stay.  No gas fireplace? No problem! Turn on all the lights, make sure the temperature is comfortable (not too hot nor too cold) and put a pan with a couple of cinnamon sticks in the warm oven to make it smell like apple pie is baking … it’s love at first scent!

Listing in Spring and having more competition can put pressure on pricing.  

With less competition you have a bit more leeway on pricing.

You’ll have fewer showings which means fewer interruptions.  

And remember, these will be highly qualified and motivated buyers.

Companies don’t stop relocating employees during the holiday season.  

These are the most desirable buyers you can get. And you won’t have (did I already say that?) as much competition.

Don’t wait and miss the boat.  If you’re ready to sell your home now (or soon), contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll help you prepare your home for sale, help you determine the highest price possible, and get you on your way with professionalism and care every step of the way! Jason@Homes-in-Boulder.com 720-626-8416.

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